Left Field Press announces publication of

Second Nature:
the Man-made World
of Idealism, Technology and Power

by Dan Bruiger

ISBN 1-4120-8718-X
334 pages
6 ¼ x 9 ¼ inches
ebook version available

Publication date:
October 2006

Distributed by:
Trafford Publishing
Victoria, B.C., Canada

Order this book directly from Trafford Publishing. (Public libraries, bookstores and internet booksellers, wholesalers and distributors receive standard discounts under "book trade terms".) Also available from Amazon.com and other online bookstores.

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For anyone who wants to save the world — or just to understand it — this exciting new book by Canadian philosopher Dan Bruiger contains a theory of culture, consciousness, gender relations, and the meaning and limits of technology, all rolled into one.
Cover Art by Tom Knott

© Copyright Dan Bruiger 2008. All rights reserved.



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